Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rape Culture in Holiday Advertisements....When Will We Stop Blaming the Victim?!

Earlier today I viewed these "Anti-Rape" advertisements developed by Police Officers in the U.K. as warnings to women during the holiday season when alcohol consumption is at its highest. While the intention to promote awareness about the correlation between drunkenness and sexual assault may have been good, when viewing these advertisements, it's GLARINGLY obvious that the tone places the responsibility solely on women, rather than the rapists or assailants themselves.

When trying to eradicate the issue of sexual violence, you MUST place the attention onto those that seek to commit the crime, NOT the victim. The problem that so many individuals and institutions, like the police force fail to recognize is these visual images implant messages that the perpetrator has ZERO responsibility in the matter; this subtle ideology or belief system furthers the continuation of men abusing women in inhumane ways.

Should women be proactive in taking precautionary measures to protect themselves?....ABSOLUTELY! As human beings, WE ALL SHOULD! But if the termination of rape and other forms of sexual violence is to ever be actualized, our schools, religious institutions, television programs, films, multimedia sources and legislative systems MUST redirect the messaging of women as sexual objects and "the weaker sex" into an overarching ethos and cultural practice where women and girls are regarded as human beings and patriarchy is a relic of the past!

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