Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reclaiming Our Authentic Heritage


For the majority of Americans, we can easily find out our heritage either by asking living ancestors or by searching the internet. However, those of us who are primarily or partially descendants of black Americans forced to be slaves, our cultures, languages, heritages, and identities specific only to those communities were stolen from us. The UN declared 2011 the “INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF AFRICAN DESCENDANTS”, but how can the descendants truly celebrate until they know what part of Africa they stem from? For those who identify with being ethnically Black/African American and have no knowledge of where their ancestors are from, DNA testing and family records research should be provided FREE OF CHARGE. Why should Black Americans be denied free access to the knowledge of their stolen history?

Please go to!/petition/find-your-heritage/prC7lf5W

 REMEMBER-If we can reach 25,000 signature within the next month (by DEC 12, 2011) the government IS OBLIGATED to acknowledge it. Please share with as many people as you can even if you cannot legally vote on this, don’t personally agree with it, or you are not directly affected by this matter.