Monday, October 25, 2010

Racism (part 2)

So, I'm on this very hilarious entertainment-focused website the other day and I see this headline about a racist book being sold on Ebay! Being who I am, I am DEFINITELY not going to let this pass! I click on the link and was mortified! Readers, PLEASE, click on this link to see the sheer racism and immorality for yourselves!

A petition WILL be started soon for ebay to cease the selling of this highly offensive and racist merchandise! Please support the removal of this item and let's make some serious change together!


  1. I don’t understand why people think it is ok not to use their brain. Do I need to remind everyone that, America was build by black people….. and if so, how can one spit on the person’s face who has done nothing but help him grow? People, this IGNORANCE needs to STOP. I mean people need to LIBERATE their mind. I am talking about all people, all colors. We black people need to stop addressing each other using the N word; open your mind people… we are being ENSLAVED IN THE MIND and being played like a poppet. Until we open our eyes and fight for what is right, this isms (racism, sexism, classism) is not going to stop.
    I was sadden not only by the racist, insecure, disrespectful thing (I am sure a person with a mind would do some disrespectful act) who posted this crap but with the comments that were made regarding the post. This is not Okey, and it needs to STOP. We need to look in to ourselves and make a list of 3 things WE need to do today to liberate our minds and then when our eyes open; then we can be FREE.
    Thank you Lady J for starting the petition. This blog is great, more informative than any I have ever seen by far. If more people take things in their hand to make a change; I have no doubt that America will be a land of opportunity as it was intended to be.

  2. First of All," I'm Tyed so Over It"...I love the title it speaks to so many issues we encounter. It is very disheartening that these actions are being overlooked. I am happy you have taken to the podium to speak on it with intelligence and wisdom. I look forward to following your post and committed to championing your message any way i can. send me your twitter account and again thanks sista for pumping that fist in the air for all people;)