Sunday, October 24, 2010

The List

1) I'm soooooooo TYED of the chaotic and oppressive state of the world! Endless racism, sexism, socio-economic abuse, violence, and all of the other ills that plague our global community! We know WHO the offenders are.......WHY ARE THEY NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE AND GIVEN THEIR JUSTICE?!?!?!!

2) I'm so, so, so tyed of living in a world that reveres materialism and all things superficial, while denigrating and scoffing at the TRUE essence of what makes us human/spiritual beings! (When will people finally WAKE-UP and understand that much of their "belief
system" is merely built upon and influenced by artificial entities that don't define who you are or provide any real substance to your existence?!)     
3) I'm so tyed of being placed in a box.............U DON'T KNOW ME! What is one the surface (my hair, clothing/style, gender, race/ethnicity, my style of speech, etc.) is merely an outside representation of just SOME of the things that comprise me. I am NOT some one dimensional being that society can place in a category so that THEY feel at ease about "figuring me out."
4) I'm SO TYED of over grown people acting like prepubescent children!!!!!!! U CANNOT CONTINUE TO ACT THIS WAY (i.e. being selfish, jealous, deceiving, close-minded, know) and expect no one to say anything! LOOK DEEP INSIDE OF YOURSELF AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO BE A BETTER HUMAN BEING!.........NO EXCUSE PEOPLE! NONE!

5) I'm SOOOOOO, SOOOOO TYED of "modern-day" movies that STILL place women into steretypical roles!!!!!! I mean SERIOUSLY........the lead roles in the movies are STILL held by men who ALWAYS come in and "save the day" and/or have the woman CONSTANTLY seeking guidance from the guy!!!!!!!!! OPPRESSIVE! (This is where you have to ask the age-old question, "Is this art imitating life or......?" you get the picture)

While I end my list here for now, I will continue to return and purge my thoughts of these areas of life that have simply driven me to this current point of exhaustion! Stay connected.....

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  1. VERY insightful Lady J! I REALLY look forward to seeing how this blog develops, the positive exchange of information & opinions, as well as the release of stress. I'm 100% for all of us uplifting our world together....we certainly need it. Thank you for providing this outlet!