Sunday, October 24, 2010

2nd LIST


In the year 2010, you would think that the issue of sexism, much like racism, would be a relic of the past, however as many of us who experience it on a DAILY basis, we know that this is further from the truth!

1) I'm SO TYED of this being the 1st question that men ask me when they meet me, "Can you cook?" Are you serious?! NEWS FLASH:........JUST because I'm a woman doesn't mean that I genetically pre-disposed with culinary skills. Furthermore, it DEFINITELY doesn't mean that I will be cooking for you, when I don't even know who you are!!!!!! MEN.............PLEASE wake-up, stop being so archaic, and realize that questions and assumptions like these only show your highly underdeveloped mentalities and social skills.

2) I'm SO completely TYED of every heterosexual feeling the need to offer their truly unsolicited insight about the lives, culture, and experiences of the LGBT community and how you don't agree with or "understand" the lifestyle of this community! EVERYONE is entitled to their own personal happiness and you have ABSOLUTELY NO DOMINION, JURISDICTION, or INFLUENCE over how humans beings are to live their lives! Look deep within yourself and recognize hate, oppression, selfishness, and undeserved self-entitlement that you unfortunately possess. Your perspectives are antidilluvian, separatist and cruel! GET OVER YOURSELF!

3) I'm TYED of some men initially "admiring" my strength, independence, intelligence, adventurous spirit and self-sufficiency then later trying to suppress and dominate all of those same qualities that they allegedly appreciated. You have NO authority in who I am and how I live my life! This is NOT the 17th Century where men made all of the decisions in a woman's life....and even then, it was repulsive and a COMPLETE social construction! Please, UNLEARN the sexist damage and miseducation that has been instilled within you so that you can TRULY be free from the bondages of patriarchy!

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