Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sexuality......What is it?

When the majority of people existing in our “modern-day” society hear the term sexuality, images of the “physical” hallmarks of this epithet instantaneously enter into their minds. Mechanisms of mainstream civilization [I use civilization very loosely], reinforce this rush of hyper-carnal imagery through the use of overly glamorized visual stimuli, such as those found in films, product advertisements, and music videos. People’s auditory reception of sexuality is also incessantly assaulted by music [all types, not just society’s “standard” scapegoat Hip Hop/Rap] with lyrics exalting casual encounters and sub-human sexual activity. Also, racy books, such as those written by authors like Zane, E. Lynn Harris, and Eric Jerome Dickey to name a few, permeate the minds of its readers with a myriad of overly dramatized sexual verbiage designed…..yes designed, to ignite images of salacious wantonness.
Religion, another participant, or rather offender in the mis-education of the masses regarding sexuality, often distributes messages of “sex for procreation” and if used for anything else, eternal damnation ensues. Dogmatic and might I add, militarized messages of confined and spiritually sanctioned sexual practices only further mis-educate and instill fear and anxiety in many followers of the respective religion spreading these “gospels.”
Observing the state of our society relative to this issue, you have to stop and really ask yourself, “what is sexuality?” In my innumerable conversations with friends, co-workers, classmates, etc., over the last few years, it is glaringly apparent to me that those that are active participants in the world of sexuality DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IT TRULY IS!........ WHY IS THIS?! As someone who…let’s just say has yet to even become a novice in this realm, it’s only natural that I would ask this question. Here is what I have observed:
Unfortunately, we have the grave misfortune of living in a highly pornified culture, where virtually EVERYTHING, from fashion to food and even cars are turned into objects for sexual gratification. People, mostly women, but also men, are invented into these soulless objects purely intended for carnal release. Moreover, we exist in a society that has somehow found a way to compartmentalize innate aspects of the human experience. How is it possible to separate the physical from the emotional; the physical and emotional from the mental; and above all, the physical, emotional, and the mental from the spiritual…the very core of who we are? This Cartesian duality, inherently separatist and Western in nature, fails to highlight the essential interconnectedness off all of these parts which make us human! Think about it, if we were simply supposed to have physical encounters with someone (i.e. simply have sex that’s just physical) we would only be a body… a shell devoid of emotions and the ability to connect with another person on an intellectual and spiritual level. So knowing that we [meaning human beings] are SO much more than physical matter, why is there this pervasive and quite insidious culture of a nonchalant and almost flippant attitude towards sexuality? The answer to this loaded question dear reader, is simple: people are taught….NO, rather conditioned to view sexuality as an act; a mere encounter with another person, [while exciting at the time,] that authorizes you to exist in a universe of hedonistic and self-involved behavior, free from the realities of a true union with another spirit in human form. I suppose this is why some people find it SO easy and are comfortable with sharing their bodies completely with someone during the initial stages of the encounter, however when it comes to actually getting to know someone and truly engaging with them, an overwhelming number of people turn out to be utterly inept!
Sexuality is a definite natural aspect of being human….YES, this is true and I embrace that! However, what I WILL NOT embrace is the collective media’s persistent use of misinformation and excessive sexualized propaganda towards its consumers to induce revenue sales, which simply feeds the economic beast known as capitalism. This downright bastardization and mocking of sexuality is dangerous to our world and its inhabitants; people take part in this aspect of the human experience without being properly educated and informed of its structure which leads to many of the social ills that plague us (i.e. high divorce rates, infidelity, unplanned pregnancies,….you get the picture!) I will also NOT tolerate nor embrace some religion's attempt to indoctrinate feelings of apprehension, guilt and terror into people to reject who they innately are.
Many researchers of the conceptualizations of sexuality stress the aspect of connecting with someone BEYOND the physical. Sexuality in its true form, is spiritual in nature and it is a type of praise and admiration towards another person, as well as an expression of unity to that soul in the highest form. Our very core is innately spiritual/soulful and any interaction with another person, whether a conversation, a look, a smile, a slight touch, a hug, even a happy thought about the person connects the two. Therefore, when engaging in deeper and more widely recognized sexual moments with someone, you exchange pieces of your spirit with each other, a transference of energy which lasts….....until!
I suppose that if I leave you with one central message from this unforeseen thesis, it would be to find YOURSELF through intentional education about sexuality. Through self-education you emancipate yourself from the constant mind-control of what sexuality ISN’T and you become the free and loving being that God, nature, and the universe intended!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Racism (part 2 continuation)

Since posting the link in the previous post about the RACIST book being sold on Ebay, some followers have notified me that there are more books of this low caliber being sold on the site! Let's do what we can to TAKE THEM DOWN AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

Racism (part 2)

So, I'm on this very hilarious entertainment-focused website the other day and I see this headline about a racist book being sold on Ebay! Being who I am, I am DEFINITELY not going to let this pass! I click on the link and was mortified! Readers, PLEASE, click on this link to see the sheer racism and immorality for yourselves!

A petition WILL be started soon for ebay to cease the selling of this highly offensive and racist merchandise! Please support the removal of this item and let's make some serious change together!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2nd LIST


In the year 2010, you would think that the issue of sexism, much like racism, would be a relic of the past, however as many of us who experience it on a DAILY basis, we know that this is further from the truth!

1) I'm SO TYED of this being the 1st question that men ask me when they meet me, "Can you cook?" Are you serious?! NEWS FLASH:........JUST because I'm a woman doesn't mean that I genetically pre-disposed with culinary skills. Furthermore, it DEFINITELY doesn't mean that I will be cooking for you, when I don't even know who you are!!!!!! MEN.............PLEASE wake-up, stop being so archaic, and realize that questions and assumptions like these only show your highly underdeveloped mentalities and social skills.

2) I'm SO completely TYED of every heterosexual feeling the need to offer their truly unsolicited insight about the lives, culture, and experiences of the LGBT community and how you don't agree with or "understand" the lifestyle of this community! EVERYONE is entitled to their own personal happiness and you have ABSOLUTELY NO DOMINION, JURISDICTION, or INFLUENCE over how humans beings are to live their lives! Look deep within yourself and recognize hate, oppression, selfishness, and undeserved self-entitlement that you unfortunately possess. Your perspectives are antidilluvian, separatist and cruel! GET OVER YOURSELF!

3) I'm TYED of some men initially "admiring" my strength, independence, intelligence, adventurous spirit and self-sufficiency then later trying to suppress and dominate all of those same qualities that they allegedly appreciated. You have NO authority in who I am and how I live my life! This is NOT the 17th Century where men made all of the decisions in a woman's life....and even then, it was repulsive and a COMPLETE social construction! Please, UNLEARN the sexist damage and miseducation that has been instilled within you so that you can TRULY be free from the bondages of patriarchy!

The List

1) I'm soooooooo TYED of the chaotic and oppressive state of the world! Endless racism, sexism, socio-economic abuse, violence, and all of the other ills that plague our global community! We know WHO the offenders are.......WHY ARE THEY NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE AND GIVEN THEIR JUSTICE?!?!?!!

2) I'm so, so, so tyed of living in a world that reveres materialism and all things superficial, while denigrating and scoffing at the TRUE essence of what makes us human/spiritual beings! (When will people finally WAKE-UP and understand that much of their "belief
system" is merely built upon and influenced by artificial entities that don't define who you are or provide any real substance to your existence?!)     
3) I'm so tyed of being placed in a box.............U DON'T KNOW ME! What is one the surface (my hair, clothing/style, gender, race/ethnicity, my style of speech, etc.) is merely an outside representation of just SOME of the things that comprise me. I am NOT some one dimensional being that society can place in a category so that THEY feel at ease about "figuring me out."
4) I'm SO TYED of over grown people acting like prepubescent children!!!!!!! U CANNOT CONTINUE TO ACT THIS WAY (i.e. being selfish, jealous, deceiving, close-minded, know) and expect no one to say anything! LOOK DEEP INSIDE OF YOURSELF AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO BE A BETTER HUMAN BEING!.........NO EXCUSE PEOPLE! NONE!

5) I'm SOOOOOO, SOOOOO TYED of "modern-day" movies that STILL place women into steretypical roles!!!!!! I mean SERIOUSLY........the lead roles in the movies are STILL held by men who ALWAYS come in and "save the day" and/or have the woman CONSTANTLY seeking guidance from the guy!!!!!!!!! OPPRESSIVE! (This is where you have to ask the age-old question, "Is this art imitating life or......?" you get the picture)

While I end my list here for now, I will continue to return and purge my thoughts of these areas of life that have simply driven me to this current point of exhaustion! Stay connected.....